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By Lévi-Strauss, Claude; Jacobson, Claire; Schoepf, Brooke Grundfest

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Jade figure (tiki), New Zealand X. Wood carving, Maori XI. Head ornament, Northwest Coast XII. Three tattooing designs carved in wood, Maori XIII. Three wood carvings, Maori Structural Anthropology CHAPTER I Introduction: History and Anthropology MORE THAN A HALF-CENTURY has elapsed since Hauser and Simiand formulated and contrasted the principles and methods which seemed to them to distinguish history from sociology. 1 While the two authors agreed on the contrasting nature of these disciplines, they diverged in evaluating the respective merits of each method.

Acknowledgments The translation might never have been successfully completed were it not for the encouragement and assistance of Brooke G. Schoepf, who translated chapters II, VII, VIII, and IX and who helped me revise other parts of the book. I am responsible for the translation of chapters I, V, VI, X, XII, XIII, XIV, and XVI and for the preparation of four chapters originally written and published in English—III, IV, XI, and XV—as well as of Chapter XVII, written in French and published simultaneously in French and English.

Experience shows that the best monographs are generally produced by investigators who have lived and worked in one particular region. But they must forgo conclusions about other regions. When, in addition, one completely limits study to the present period in the life of a society, one becomes first of all the victim of an illusion. For everything is history: What was said yesterday is history, what was said a minute ago is history. But, above all, one is led to misjudge the present, because only the study of historical development permits the weighing and evaluation of the interrelationships among the components of the present-day society.

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