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By Alan O'Day

ISBN-10: 0907628850

ISBN-13: 9780907628859

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Sulliva n an d Joh n Martin . A . 11 The tas k o f analysi s wa s undertake n b y Rober t Anderson , a lawye r intimately acquainte d wit h the government's anti-fenia n campaigns an d with 6 T. C. , M S 333 ) (hereafter cite d a s Luby , M S 333). 7 William Neilson Hancock to th e chief secretary, 3 Jan. , 'F' papers , 5477R). , c. 1. , police and crime records, fenia n papers). O. , police an d crim e records, fenian papers. "However, th e genuinel y fenia n elemen t i n th e mor e comprehensiv e lis t i s sufficiently stron g for analysis to show up the same general patterns, even if they are less decisive; se e Samue l Clark , Th e social origins o f th e Irish land wa r (Princeton, 1979) , p.

D . 72 In thi s case, too , th e Nationalist s met with resistance. 73 The proces s o f 'nationalization ' o n th e leve l o f nomenclature , here mor e o r les s allusivel y described, too k place , i n conjunctio n with th e progressiv e chang e o f th e majoritie s in th e tow n council s all over Ireland i n the 1880s . The old names of streets and squares , especially whe n the y carrie d a definit e Englis h designation , wer e replaced b y 'national ' designations . I n Dublin , i n additio n t o O'Connell Street, numerou s mino r street s wer e given the name s of figures from Iris h history.

75 The disappearance o f the old flag, which showed three white castles on a blue background, was now use d b y th e nationalis t Corporatio n fo r designin g a ne w flag because, afte r som e perplexity , accordin g t o th e Annual Register 72 Cf. FJ, 21/6/1880; McCarthy, Irish revolution, 280, and O'Hanlon , Ixvi . The official renamin g took place on 6 Aug. 1880 . 73 FJ, 10/8/1880 . 74 Cf. ' 75 Annual Register 1885 , 197, and CE , 25/3/1885 . Symbols o f Irish Na tionalism 1 5 they cam e t o th e conclusio n tha t 'ou t o f evil comet h good'.

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