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New PDF release: Good Times - June 2011

By Various

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They’d been there since eleven o’clock. It was now nearly three on Saturday morning, and they were unable to hunker over their portable stove because Moses Grace and Claudia might see the light. They were hidden in the trees across from Hooter ’s Motel, out in the boonies of western Maryland. Why this Moses Grace character had picked Pinky Womack to take was another puzzle. Pinky was a middle-aged part-time comedian at the Bonhomie Club who could spout thirty lame jokes in ten minutes if you let him.

Dane said, “You realize now that they either cut through that thin back bathroom wall or they went out the back window and were gone by the time we walked into your office. They meant to kill as many of us as they could. The bomb was powerful enough. Do you have a family, Mr. ” “No, Joyce left me two years past for a trucker whose eighteen-wheeler smoked up every state he traveled through. ” Dane accepted a pair of handcuffs from one of Police Chief Tumi’s deputies, clicked them around Dykes ’s bony wrists, and handed him over to a deputy, who stared at Dykes like he couldn’t believe what he’d done.

She pulled out her compass. Yes, the opposite wall had to be due east. Everything was where it should be. She realized in that moment that the air wasn’t stale or dank, which one would expect in a cave chamber sealed for 150 years. She sucked in air that was fresher than the air in the main passage. Now wasn’t that a kick—she had to be close to an unmapped exit, and wouldn’t that have been handy for the men who hid the gold? Slowly she got to her feet and looked straight ahead. It was like standing in a dark pit, but she’d done that before, and with a head lamp you’d see the boundaries, wouldn’t you?

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Good Times - June 2011 by Various

by James

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