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Dickens the Journalist by John M. L. Drew (auth.) PDF

By John M. L. Drew (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0230006108

ISBN-13: 9780230006102

ISBN-10: 1349431435

ISBN-13: 9781349431434

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W. Carove's allegorical fairy tale Das Miirchen Ohne Ende, popularized earlier in the year in Sarah Austin's English translation, The Story Without an End. His 'Story without a Beginning (Translated from German by Boz)' must have appealed to Black, who was himself an accomplished German translator, and, like Sarah Austin, a close friend ofJames andJ. S. Mill. 21 Appropriately, Dickens's version begins in mid-sentence, and, applying Carove's strategy of describing experience through the eyes of a child in a flower-garden, where the flowers and insects represent different facts of Nature, he proceeds boldly to criticise the actions of the 'childish' William IV in sacking Lord Melbourne's Whig ministry, in alarm over a plan for partial disendowment of the Irish Church.

127 In 1868, he recounted to Boston friends the hectic routine on the nightroad back to London, itself something of an allegory of his writing life: ... a bag of sovereigns on one side of his body and a bag of slips of paper on the other, writing, writing desperately all the way .... At each station a man on horseback would stand ready to seize the sheets already Chronicling and Sketching Life 27 prepared and ride with them to London. Often ... this work would make him deadly sick, and he would have to plunge his head out of the window to relieve himself ....

66 Nor did it hinder him from accepting in the coming months two rather different propositions to 'write and edit'67 new publications. The first of these - the Pickwick commission from Chapman & Hall rather cut across the trajectory initiated by the Sketches' unanticipated success, and the second - the editorship of a monthly magazine for the Tory publisher, Richard Bentley - would offer him an escape route from the daily pressure of the press into the genteeler world of literary journalism. Nevertheless, Dickens never severed his connections, personal nor stylistiC, with radical journalism, and although his relationship with its goals and dogmas is complex,68 its strategies remain essential to understanding his work.

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Dickens the Journalist by John M. L. Drew (auth.)

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