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By G. M. Seed, Graham M. Seed

ISBN-10: 3540760423

ISBN-13: 9783540760429

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H. illustrates a friend function of a template class. multiple template class arguments. illustrates that a template class can have an explicit template class declaration illustrates the use of a template class as an argument to a templa te function. illustrates nested template classes. illustrates typename. illustrates smart pointers. illustrates a global memory template class for programming in a Windows environment. template class Vector. template class Matrix. tests the Point, Vector and Matrix template classes.

With the specific details concerning the implementation and operation of these different abstractions hidden from the driver. The driver is supplied with just enough information about the different abstractions to be able to drive the car. Encapsulation is another word for the black box paradigm. Given an input, the black box generates a respective output - this is all the information we know about the box. The black box can perform any number of other operations, but we are given no clues as to the nature of the internal details of the black box.

Classes and abstract classes that encapsulate data and functions which operate on a class's data, defining a given structure and behaviour. • Inheritance and multiple inheritance, enabling the creation of hierarchies of classes. • Support for run-time polymorphism via virtual functions, allowing a class in an arbitrary inheritance hierarchy to redefine its parent's member functions. • Overloading. Overloaded functions and member functions allow a function with the same name but with a different number or type of arguments, or both, to be overloaded.

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