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Download PDF by Alan Ezust: An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4

By Alan Ezust

ISBN-10: 0131879057

ISBN-13: 9780131879058

Learn C++, styles, and Qt four Cross-Platform Development

Master C++ and layout styles jointly, utilizing the world's top open resource framework for cross-platform improvement: Qt four.

An advent to layout styles in C++ with Qt four is an entire instructional and reference that assumes no prior wisdom of C, C++, items, or styles. you will stroll via each middle thought, one step at a time, studying via an in depth choice of Qt 4.1-tested examples and routines.

By the time you are performed, you will be growing multithreaded GUI functions that entry databases and control XML files--applications that run on structures together with home windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X. better of all, you may be writing code that is effective, reusable, and stylish.

  • Learn items speedy: periods, inheritance, polymorphism, and more
  • Master strong layout styles
  • Discover effective high-level programming options utilizing libraries, generics, and containers
  • Build graphical purposes utilizing Qt widgets, types, and views
  • Learn complicated suggestions starting from multithreading to reflective programming
  • Use Qt's integrated periods for gaining access to MySQL data
  • Includes an entire C++ language reference

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Int* y = &x ; In this example, y points to the integer x. The asterisk * following the int indicates that y is a pointer to int. Here we have initialized the int pointer y to the address of the int variable x. One of the powerful features of pointers is that, subject to rules that we will explore shortly, it is possible for a pointer of one type to hold the address of an object of a different (but related) type. Zero (0), often represented by the macro NULL in C programs, is a special value that can be legally assigned to a pointer, usually when it is being initialized (or re-initialized).

The goal is to keep memory management code as simple and reliable as possible. delete should be applied only to pointers returned by the new, or to null pointers. Heap memory that is no longer needed should be released for reuse. Failure to do so can result in crippling memory leaks. org provide a variety of classes and functions to help manage and clean up heap memory. In addition to container classes, each library has one or more smart pointer class. A smart pointer is an object that stores and manages a pointer to a heap object.

D" d. 6 e. 2f f. "something stringey" g. false 5. 23. cpp #include int main() { using namespace std; int i = 5; int j=6; int *p = &i; int& r=i; int& rpr=(*p); i = 10; p = &j; rpr = 7; r = 8; cout << "i=" << i << " j=" << j << endl; } (1)*p: ______ <-- 1 <-- 2 <-- 3 <-- 4 <-- 5 (2)*p: ________ (3)*p: ________ (4)rpr: ________ (5)i: ________ j: ________ 6. What is the difference between a pointer and a reference? 7. Why does main(int argc, char* argv[]) sometimes have parameters? What are they used for?

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