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Get A Study of the Toyota Production System: From an Industrial PDF

By Shigeo Shingo, Andrew P. Dillon

ISBN-10: 0915299178

ISBN-13: 9780915299171

This is Dr. Shingo's vintage commercial engineering intent for the concern of process-based over operational advancements for production. He explains the elemental mechanisms of the Toyota creation approach in a pragmatic and straightforward method so you might follow them on your personal plant. This publication clarifies the basic rules of JIT together with leveling, typical paintings strategies, multi-machine dealing with, and extra.

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6 that the power required of the servomotor is much lower than that of the constant speed motor, which shows that the input power is mostly contributed by the constant speed motor. Conclusions The main contributions of this paper are to have proposed a novel precision press. Additionally the study of forward optimum design, electromechanical dynamic modeling and a simulation of this new mechanical system are presented. 6), we can see that the hybrid-driven precision press is feasible in theory.

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